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I was born in Barcelona in 1977. I graduated in industrial design from the EINA Centre for Art and Design in Barcelona and then studied classical and flamenco guitar at the Liceu Conservatory in the same city.


I was also the world trial bike champion several times.


In the year 2000, I co-founded Lacreativa.com, a design studio, but in 2009 I left the world of industrial design to dedicate myself professionally to guitar-making.

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I build the guitars one by one, by myself and from beginning to end, dedicating all the time necessary for each and every detail. Moreover, I always use the best possible materials and personally create the high-quality finish through the application of French polishing techniques to the whole guitar.


Essentially, the guitar and musician have to merge into one; otherwise, there is no expressivity. For such a union to take place, however, an instrument has to be full of life and sensitivity. Building such guitars which are full of life means doing it with all your soul.


Ease, sensitivity, colour, nuance, dynamics and precision are the main elements that shape my instrument-building style: they are characteristics without which a guitar simply stops sounding like a guitar. Besides, as richness of timbre sets the guitar apart from other instruments, my guitars always seek to offer the widest possible palette of tonal colours; such qualities are what allow a musician to express all the sensitivity that he or she carries inside. Music is emotion and therefore the instrument has to move people.


I use the best materials and take the utmost care. The resulting instruments, modeled by the character of my own hands, have a very particular sound which is rich in personality. In fact, the guitars reflect, in essence, the fundamental characteristics of my two teachers: a passion for detail, and an obsession with sound. These, when combined with my own personality and relationship with my chosen craft, result in a very personal tonal quality.

Bearing all of this in mind, I offer two different models: a traditional guitar, and the AIRE_Project model.

Both are concert guitars.

Traditional model

The building process for my guitars derives from the system developed by one of my teachers, Don Juan Antonio Reyes, which in turn is based on the traditional Spanish system of ‘closing the sound box from behind’.

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AIRE_Project model

This model is aimed at guitarists who are immersed in the dynamics of competitions and who need an instrument which is more powerful and easy to play, and which will give them confidence on stage.

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Guitar Gallery

Here you can see a selection of guitars delivered.

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Santa Monica, CA















José Antonio Escobar

Preludo nº3, Heitor Villa-Lobos

Jacob Cordover

Granada, Isaac Albéniz

Guillem Pérez-Quer

Fantasie n. 6 op. 21 “Les Adieux”, Fernando Sor

Maite Rubio

Campanas del alba, Eduardo Sainz de la Maza

Simón Maisano

Cielo Abierto (Quique Sinesi)

Duo Rubio & Franch

Libertango / Agua e Vinho

It is not usual to have guitars in stock in my workshop. If you are interested on acquiring one, or if you just need to know more details about prices, woods and extras availables, do not hesitate to get in contact with me.


The estimated time to deliver a new guitar, nowadays, is +12 months.


If you plan to visit my workshop, first schedule an appointment, since I can not receive visitors at all times


MALLORCA – Main workshop

BARCELONA – Occasionally

Email: info@eliasbonet.com

Móvil: (+34) 616 805 534